Welcome to Laboratory for Biosensing

The Laboratory for Biosensing was founded in June 2010. We are a multi-disciplinary research group, whose members have a variety of academic backgrounds covering Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Protein Engineering, Biochemistry, Bioelectrochemistry, Bioanalytical Chemistry, Biosensing, Physical Chemistry and Nanotechnology. A great interest of our group is to obtain functional biomaterials with specific structures or catalytic activities by microbial engineering and protein engineering strategies. For example, we design and construct whole-cell biocatalyst by microbial (bacterium, yeast) surface display, and efficiently screen specific ligands by phage display. By creating novel interface by integrating biomaterials with unique nanostructures, we aim at developing novel analytical methods and sensing devices to monitor and evaluate bioenergy process, bio-industrial quality control, environment detection, health care, and food safety. We also explore biofuel cells (microbial fuel cell and enzymatic biofuel cells).

For detailed description of our on-going research, see RESEARCH. Our peer-reviewed research articles are listed in PUBLICATIONS.

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