[2018.11.9] Prof. Edward A. Bayer visited our group.

[2018.11.1] Research Progress: We Revealed Unique Transposon with Special Mechanism.

[2018.8.4] Research progress: Artificial creation of Chlorella pyrenoidosa mutants for economic sustainable food production.

[2018.7.9] Research progress: We elucidated the catalytic mechanism of an epoxide hydrolase producing D(-)-tartaric acid.

[2018.1.13] Research progress: Direct Purification and Characterization of the Key Cellulosomal Exoglucanase Cel48S.

[2017.11.27] Prof. Edward A. Bayer and Prof. Raphael Lamed visited our group.

[2017.6.12] Research progress: Selective oxidation of aliphatic C–H bonds in alkylphenols by a “chemomimetic” biocatalytic system.

[2017.5.23] Research progress: The response mechanism of the docosahexaenoic acid producer Aurantiochytrium under cold stress.

[2017.5.12] Research progress: Efficient whole-cell-catalyzing cellulose saccharification using engineered Clostridium thermocellum.

[2017.5.11] Research progress: Structural Insight into the Stabilizing Effect of O-Glycosylation.

[2017.3.9] Research progress: Breakthrough in the clean production of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

[2016.8.20] Research progress: Achievements in improving the production of polyunsaturated fatty acids in Aurantiochytrium by genetic manipulation.

[2016.1.22] Our DHA production project is awarded the Second Class Prize of Scientific and Technology Progress of Shandong Province.

[2016.1.20] Research progress: Low stability of the reduced state of Mycobacterium tuberculosis NrdH redoxin.

[2016.1.13] Research progress: Structure of the C-terminal region of human eukaryotic elongation factor 1Bδ.

[2015.11.21] We attended the 14th Chinese Biophysics Conference.

[2015.10.31] Research progress: Integration of bacterial expansin-like proteins into cellulosome promotes the cellulose degradation.

[2015.9.25] Research progress: Transcriptome analysis of Aurantiochytrium under low temperature condition.

[2015.9.9] Research progress: High production of squalene using a new strain.

[2015.8.22] We attended the 19th ISMAR conference.

[2015.6.6] Research progress: Simultaneous accumulation of neutral lipids and biomass in microalgae.

[2015.3.24] We attended Evonik Meets Science China 2015 Symposium.

[2015.3.4] We developed a novel inducible genetic operation system for Clostridium.

[2015.2.15] We publish two papers about protein NMR assignments on Biomol. NMR Assign.

[2015.1.29] We publish a paper "Evolutionarily conserved binding of translationally-controlled tumor protein to eukaryotic elongation factor 1B" on J. Biol. Chem.

[2014.11.22] We attended the 16th China Hi-Tech Fair.

[2014.10.14 ]We attended the 18th National Magnetic Resonance Conference.

[2014.10.11] Our national invention patent "an Aurantiochytrium sp. and the method of DHA production utilizing the species" is authorized.

[2014.9.28] We make progress in the structural study of cellulosome dockerin.

[2014.9.19] We attended the Clostridium XIII Meeting.

[2014.8.28] We attended the AFOB Bioenergy and Biorefinery Summit 2014.

[2014.8.17] Dr. Ya-Jun Liu attended the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Chinese Society for Microbiology.

[2014.7.16] "Qingdao Engineering Laboratory of Single-cell Oil" is established based on our group.

[2014.5.29] We make great progress in functional study of cellulosome.

[2014.5.26] We published a paper about the structure of an Archaea-specific ribosmal protein L46a which represents a novel protein fold.

[2014.4.21] We attended the 1st National Biological Magnetic Resonance Conference.

[2013.12.20] Congratulate Dr. Yajun Liu on her promotions to associate professor!

[2013.11.5] We developed a PyrF-based screening system to accomplish successive gene disruption in Clostridium cellulolyticum.

[2013.9.24] We published a paper about new insight into the regulation mechanism of fatty acid synthesis in Aurantiochytrium on J. Agric. Food Chem.

[2013.8.16] We published a paper about new LC-ID-MS/MS methods for metabolomic study of Clostridium thermocellum.

[2013.7.31]We published a paper "Metabolic Adaption of Ethanol-Tolerant Clostridium thermocellum" on PLoS ONE.

[2013.7.10]We published a paper "A Targetron System for Gene Targeting in Thermophiles and Its Application in Clostridium thermocellum" on PLoS ONE.

[2013.5.21]Prof. Yingang Feng published a paper about a plant chloroplastic glutaredoxin on PNAS.

[2013.3.6] We published a paper "Isolation and characterization of Aurantiochytrium species: high docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) production by the newly isolated microalga, Aurantiochytrium sp. SD116" on J. Oleo Sci.

[2013.1.8] Congratulate Dr. Yan Xiao and Dr. Xiaojin Song on their promotions to associate professors!

[2012.12.5] We published a paper "Metabolic profiles of Nannochloropsis oceanica IMET1 under nitrogen-deficiency stress" on Bioresours. Technol.

[2012.10.29] Prof. Yingang Feng and Dr. Yifei Li attended the 17th National Magnetic Resonance Conference.

[2012.10.23] Prof. Qiu Cui and Dr. Xiaojin Song attended the 6th China Summit Forum on Industrial Biotechnology Development.

[2012.7.30] We publish a paper "Efficiency and Stability Enhancement of Cis-epoxysuccinic Acid Hydrolase by Fusion with a Carbohydrate Binding Module and Immobilization onto Cellulose" on Appl. Biochem. Biotechnol.

[2012.6.14] Prof. Cui gave a report on Sino-German Symposium on Metabolic Engineering & Advanced Biofuels.

[2012.5.18] We publish a paper about the expression and homology modeling of two types of cis-epoxysuccinic acid hydrolases on Protein J.

[2012.3.24] We publish a paper "Resonance assignments of cohesin and dockerin domains from Clostridium acetobutylicum ATCC824" on Biomol. NMR Assign.

[2012.3.15] Our progress in the genetic manipulation of Clostridium cellulolyticum H10 is published on J. Microbiol. Methods.

[2011.11.2] Prof. Edward A. Bayer visits QIBEBT and Metabolomics Group.

[2011.10.15] Prof. Cui gives a keynote report in the 14th Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis (BCEIA).

[2011.10.10] Prof. John L. Markley visits QIBEBT and Metabolomics Group.

[2011.9.5] Prof. Y.-H. Percival Zhang visits QIBEBT and Metabolomics Group.