About Us

Microbial Resources group specializes in screening, identifying and exploiting microbes with potential use in bioenergy production.

We focus on the projects of stress tolerance mechanism of yeast, mechanism of butanol formation in Clostridia and metabolic pathways of algae lipid synthesis and the key enzymes of lipid accumulation.

Anaerobic bacteria research team
Team leader: CHEN Xiaohua
They isolate the thermophilic anaerobic bacteria and identify the differential cellulase that expressed under different carbon source. They also use solventogenic clostridia to produce butanol from corncob residues.

Yeast research team
Team leader: WANG Shi-an
The team is interested in preliminary and practical questions in biofuel production by yeasts. Currently, their researches focus on three topics: 1) Screening and identification of novel yeast strains, genes, and enzymes for improving biofuel production. 2) Developing Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains that utilize biomass polysaccharides for alcohol production. 3) Understanding molecular mechanisms of stress tolerance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and developing stress-resistant strains that are adaptive to biofuel processes. The ultimate goal is to construct yeast cell factory for industrial production of biofuel from biomass polysaccharides, such as cellulose, starch, or inulin.

Microalgae research team
Team leader: HU Guangrong
The team focuses on the screening of the oleaginous microalgae strains from natural habitats, the improvements of natural strains by mutagenesis and genetic engineering, and the mechanism of lipid biosynthesis in the microalgae.They use Flow Cytometer for high throughput screening of the mutagenesis algae. Dr. Hu uses genetics techniques to reveal the metabolic pathways of algae lipid synthesis and the key enzymes of lipid accumulation.