Dr. CHEN Xiaohua

Associate professor

 chen_xh@qibebt.ac.cn, 086-0532-80662655

She obtained her bachelor for clinical medicine from Shanghai Second Medical University, and then went to Germany in 1995,where she got Master and PhD with specialization for molecular biology in Humboldt University of Berlin. Since 2003 -2011 she worked at the Humboldt University of Berlin as research associate. Her major research interest was in microbial genomes sequencing, functional genomics, and mechanisms of biosynthesis and regulation of secondary metabolites.

Since she moved to QIBEBT, she is focusing on the following research areas:

1.Using high-throughput-Screening combined with metagenomic techniques to identify more efficient cellulose degrading thermophil bacteria

2.Functional genomics in syngas utilizing bacterial and cellulose degrading bacteria (such as thermophilic and other extremphilic microorganisms)

3.Genetic engineering bio-energy producing bacteria (using Bacillus, E. coli as model strains)

4.Mechanism and regulation of antibiotic biosynthesis in Bacillus (mainly polykeitides) as well as bio-engineering polyketides


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