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题目:New perspectives in microbial fermentations

报告人:Prof. Dr. Rudolf K. Thauer, Max Planck Institute of Terrestrial MicrobiologyGermany


时间:2011.5.4  9:00am-10:00am

邀请人:李福利 研究员


报告人简介:Prof. Dr. Rudolf K. Thauer

Research Area: Biochemistry of methanogens

Biochemistry, physiology and ecology of anaerobic bacteria and archaea with a focus on the enzymes and coenzymes involved in the energy metabolism of Clostridia, of sulfate-reducing bacteria and archaea, of methanogenic and methanotrophic archaea, and of aerobic methanotrophic bacteria

 University Studies and Academic Services

Physicum (Medicine), University of Frankfurt, 1961

Diplom (Biochemistry), University of Tübingen, 1966

Dr. rer. nat. (Biochemistry), Univ. Freiburg, 1968

Habilitation (Biochemistry), Univ. Freiburg, 1971

Postdoc (Biochemistry), Cleveland, Ohio, 1972

Professor of Biochemistry, Ruhr Univ. Bochum, 1972-75

Professor of Microbiology, Philipps University Marburg, 1976-2005

Head of the Department of Biochemistry at the MPI Marburg, 1991-2007

Head of an Emeritus Group at the MPI Marburg, since 11/2007


335 original papers, 57 reviews, 38 published lectures, 3 theses and 15 miscellaneous (Shown at:  Of the 450 publications 379 are found in the Web of Knowledge and are cited almost 17,000 times. The most cited paper with more than 1,840 citations is: Thauer, R.K., Jungermann, K. and Decker, K. (1977) Energy conservation in chemotrophic anaerobic bacteria. Bact. Rev. 41, 100-180.


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