Group Members

Group Leader


Dr LI Fuli is now the Microbial Resources group leader at Qingdao institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology , Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. LI received his Bachelor's degree from Lanzhou University in July, 1998, and then he moved to Shandong University where he did his Ph.D. work on metabolic pathway of dibenzothiophene desulfurization in Mycobacterium goodii X7B. From Sep. 2005 to Sep. 2007, he worked in Max Planck Institute of Terrestrial Microbiology at Marburg with Professor Thauer, where he and coworkers successfully found that Re-citrate synthase in Clostridium kluyveri is phylogenetically related to homocitrate synthase and isopropylmalate synthase rather than to Si-citrate synthase, and coupled ferredoxin and crotonoyl-CoA reduction are catalyzed by butyryl-CoA dehydrogenase/ETF complex in Clostridium kluyveri. He and his coworkers have published more than 50 peer-reviewed papers. He is the council member of Shandong Society for Microbiology and committee member of International Affairs Committee of Chinese Society for Microbiology.

Research staffs

    The Microbial Resources group has 11 research staffs and 8 postgraduate students. The main backgrounds of group members are Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular biology. They have experience in the research of microbiology, molecular biology, phycology, metabolic engineering, enzymology, fermentation engineering, and other related fields.

Dr. HU Guangrong (Associate professor)
Dr. WANG Shi-an (Associate professor)
Dr. LV Ming (Associate professor)
LIU Zhen  (Assistant Researcher
JI Shiqi  (Assistant Researcher)
ZHANG Kundi  (Assistant Researcher)
FAN Yong (Assistant Researcher)
YUAN cheng (Assistant Researcher)
ZHOU Kun (Postdoctor)
LIU Ziyong (Postdoctor)  

Group students

MENG Dongdong ( PhD candidate )
WANG Da (Phd candidate )
XIE Bintao ( MS candidate) WANG Bing ( MS candidate)
XU Kai ( MS candidate,Visiting Students) TIAN Lei ( MS candidate,Visiting Students)
TIAN Deyu ( MS candidate,Visiting Students) WANG ling (MS candidate,Visiting Students)

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